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title: fuck you and the horse you rode in on
type: rpf
pairing: ed/leighton, leighton/sebastian
rating: mild r

a rollercoaster ride to hell won't sound so bad if you're on it, too )
25 January 2009 @ 07:29 pm

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 Groundrules have been posted in previous post-Let's Get Down To Business ) All questions about how the comm works are to be directed there.

This community is largely the product of two deviant minds. (Yes, two, Miranda- I bestow half the blame on you) We write stories of lost love and cheating spouses, broken hearts and brains blown out. 

 You're welcome to post original fiction here as well as fanfic- but the catch is that it absolutely must be a secret love affair. The very best kind of lust always culminates behind closed doors and in coffee shop corners.

 Think of this community as a challenge- well written love affairs are far and few in between so let's make these diverse in nature. Polite, buttoned up eye-sex  over tea and toast or wild love-making in the bushes. Cheating is an art, ladies and gentlemen- let's bring back the genre.

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